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Roundhouse Behavior provides dynamic approaches to problem solving, individualized training and certification courses.


What we do

MindSet Training

Develop skills to prevent and manage aggressive behavior, learn strategies to build a culture of prevention with foundations in trauma informed approaches, cultural humility, and restorative practices. Earn certification to train your colleagues in de-escalation and restraint.

Organizational Behavior Management

Analyze your entire organization as a system to identify areas of focus and manage the variables to produce the largest positive impact on performance of groups or individuals.

Cultural Relevance

Build success through cultural humility and equitable practices to strengthen your awareness and create a more dynamic pedagogy.  Supports student in upholding their cultural identities while learning about others.

Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports

Implement the framework to integrate data and strategies in proactive ways to reinforce student success and build skills in a multi-tiered system of supports.

Trauma Informed Practices

Recognize the prevalence of common trauma, physiological responses and strategic approaches to develop safe spaces and interactions with people.

Behavior Management

Learn high leverage strategies to develop consistent routines, build skills, and replacement behaviors. Learn efficient data collection and explore some key traps to avoid.


Explore your possible pathways to success through individual or family counseling services with our Licensed Professional Counselors and Licensed Clinical Social Workers.

Restorative Practices

Shape environments around relationships and connections which, when damaged, can be restored using communication tools to repair conflict between people.

Function Based Behavior Plans

Use and analyze assessment data and observations to identify behavior functions and develop a clear plan of interventions for behavior change.


Design and practice your cooperative approach to targeted outcomes. Plan deliberately and communicate strategically with teams to build effective co-planning and co-facilitation practices.

Individualized Education Plans

Bolster IEP development and implementation. Ensure a clear articulate plan designed for the whole child. As advocates we help navigate families through the special education processes.

Academic Approaches

Design induction practices to coach educators through  instructional plans with  success criteria in mind. Integrate content lessons with behavioral expectations,  routines, & procedures.

Who We Serve

We train teams large and small in variety of settings.  

Educational Organizations

Professionals from schools and collegiate teacher preparatory programs  examine their roles in the multi-tiered system of supports process while focusing on building positive learning environments for all students.


Enhance your planning, strategies and skills for tough times and transitional periods. We provide support and connection to resources to help move things forward.

Foster Care Agencies

Build the skills to provide a safe and stable environment for a child who cannot be with his or her parents for some reason. We examine routines, safety, and opportunities for empowerment.


Connect with our Licensed Clinical Social Workers or Licensed Professional Counselors to discover your next steps. Discover your strengths and resources while being empowered to choose the next steps in a path you feel is right for you.

Residential Facilities

Build a culture of prevention. Raise awareness, facilitate insight, enhance skills and ultimately certify staff in a system of preventing and managing aggressive behavior.


Organizations target specific outcomes based on data driven processes to facilitate initial orientation/ induction processes, increasing production, or incentivizing personnel performance.


What people are saying about Roundhouse Behavior Consulting

Our team of of trainers are experienced in examining solutions through multiple lenses leading to successful outcomes. Here's what people say about working with us.

"Roundhouse redefines systems and empowers people to take their positions to an entirely different level."

- Rodney Robinson
Program Specialist
@ Family Connections

"Roundhouse has been a big help in working with us to identify and implement steps to monitor, improve and maintain a strong company culture."

- Arthur Morris
General Manager @
New Urban Forestry

"Roundhouse helps us to deliberately connect and communicate with our coworkers and clients in safe and successful ways."

- Tyler Parris
Founder @ Chief of Staff

"I had the honor of working with Mr. Brown for one year. I am still blown away by his ability to do his job at such a high level. I see this consulting service as a win for education."

- John Peach
Assistant AD for Compliance @ Mercer University

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