We provide professional training and development through workshops and individual coaching.

We help you be the best you by offering the right people to train individuals, families, businesses, educational organizations, and residential facilities.

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roundhouse behavior consultingroundhouse behavior consultingroundhouse behavior consultingroundhouse behavior consulting


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Behavioral solutions and staff development

We help you be the best you by offering the right people to train individuals, families, businesses, educational organizations and residential facilities.

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Businesses
  • Educational Organizations
  • Residential Facilities
roundhouse behavior consulting
roundhouse behavior consulting

If you need to reach a specific goal, we have a trainer for you

We provide educational, behavioral, and mental health consultants to build independence and increase capacity.

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Who We Serve

We train teams large and small in variety of settings.  

Educational Organizations

Professionals from schools and collegiate teacher preparatory programs  examine their roles in the multi-tiered system of supports process while focusing on building positive learning environments for all students.


Enhance your planning, strategies and skills for tough times and transitional periods. We provide support and connection to resources to help move things forward.

Foster Care Agencies

Build the skills to provide a safe and stable environment for a child who cannot be with his or her parents for some reason. We examine routines, safety, and opportunities for empowerment.


Connect with our Licensed Clinical Social Workers or Licensed Professional Counselors to discover your next steps. Discover your strengths and resources while being empowered to choose the next steps in a path you feel is right for you.

Residential Facilities

Build a culture of prevention. Raise awareness, facilitate insight, enhance skills and ultimately certify staff in a system of preventing and managing aggressive behavior.


Organizations target specific outcomes based on data driven processes to facilitate initial orientation/ induction processes, increasing production, or incentivizing personnel performance.